Why Invest Through Us?

It takes innovative thinking to bring a fresh perspective for investors and changing the way of real estate investment works. Our simple, yet effective system achieves the highest returns, due to decade of direct experience in the real estate sector.

Every investor is different, with a unique investment strategy, risk profile and market interest. We are confident we can make property investment work better for you than any other firm operating in our markets.

Diversify your Real Estate Portfolio like Professional.

Add diversification to your investment portfolio by including real estate in multi-asset portfolio for potential return enhancement, long term inflation protection, income generation, low volatility and risk diversion.






Senior Care Homes

Weekend Properties



Don’t wait to invest in real estate; Invest in real estate and wait.

There are all the potential benefits of getting involved in real estate, then why all the hesitation? When you choose Fundrise, you choose a company with seasoned experts, who have a proven track record. You can rely on us to find sound, profitable real estate opportunities that not only grow your capital but also preserve your initial investment.

Your Investment. Our Commitment.

About us

Fundrise investment expertise covers an extensive range of the most attractive real estate sectors where we provide strategic advice to our clients at all stages of the acquisition process from sourcing and identification, through to negotiation, due diligence and management.

Our core values:

  • Simple & Straightforward
  • Be Honorable
  • Be Innovative
  • Our People
  • Do Whatever it Takes

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Get all news and analysis of Real Estate and investment opportunities in Mumbai, Thane, NaviMumbai. The latest current affairs Real estate, Prices, Trends and Tips on Real Estate.

Real Estate News Aggregator, Realty Newspapers & Websites at one place.

You’ll be informed about updates, special offers and Projects.

Fundrise is Simple, Straightforward and Honest.


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