Investment Strategies

We believe in finding investments that give regular income, have long-term value prospects with adequate security of capital; must complement our client’s existing real estate portfolio and meet our client’s threshold for risk-adjusted return.


Invest in Undervalued or Discounted Properties that has prospect of future appreciation and good regular income.


We help you in managing those properties in developing it or fix it; fully utilize its potential, increase their operational and managerial efficiency to maximize recurring revenue.


We will support you in exit strategy to ensure your investment achieves the best return possible.

We are your ideal property partner,
from start to finish.

The process of property investing begins with the in-depth research and analysis that lets us source the best real estate opportunities. Our consultancy service will then identify which of our selected opportunities/projects are best suited to you, it may be land, villa, apartment or commercial property, that are best suited to you. We will then manage the acquisition process for you, right through to completion, following which our associates will manage the ownership of your property, from tenanting to valuation. Finally, when the time comes, we will be there to support your exit strategy and ensure your investment achieves the best return possible.

We, do Co-Investment!

We have a commitment to our clients; that every property we propose is one that we believe in. We have a team of associates and researchers who conduct thorough due diligence on the developer, the development itself and the market in which it is being built. We financially commit to only those we believe will deliver strong results.

At Fundrise, wherever we can, we invest in the opportunity by making a financial commitment to the developer of the property for development. Our business model gives our clients the reassurance that whatever we present is something we firmly and demonstrably believe in.

Diversify your Real Estate Portfolio

Diversify your investment portfolio by including real estate in multi-asset portfolio for potential return enhancement, long term inflation protection, income generation, low volatility and risk diversion.

Invest with us and get the unique experience in Real Estate Investment.


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