We provide real estate services tailored to your needs and solves all your challenges through our extensive know-how.

Fundrise, takes an integrated management approach that includes, in addition to the design management, project management, fund and capital management, marketing management along with the operation, asset and letting management.

This gives investors a chance to benefit from our deep real estate expertise and vertical integration, either by investing in intensely managed real estate projects or by taking advantage of selected components within the framework of individual mandates.

Irrespective of the solution chosen, Fundrise, stands out with consistent customer orientation, extensive property know-how, in-depth market knowledge, and a broad-based network.

Investment Solutions

Investment Solutions

Fundrise, Investment designs and realises solutions that enable Indian and international clients to invest in Indian real estate. The service range covers managed real estate investments and any kind of service required in the life cycle of a property. This way, we realise need-driven, tailored solutions that invest in office and retail property as well as in logistics, resorts, residential and land or special property in India.

Specific investments, real estate portfolios or fund solutions with defined investment strategy for small, homogeneous group of investors.

Customised Solutions tailored to requirements of one single investor; funds with individual investment strategy. Contribution and consolidation solutions possible.

Integrated management of real estate and real estate portfolios as a one-stop service; fund transactions, asset, letting and property management, as well as, project management, and finance management.

Project Management

Based on the principles of Lean Construction, we will guide you through your project in a way that that minimize time and waste while maximizing value and quality and financial management for smooth flow construction. At all times we will remain in close contact, providing weekly reports and holding meetings to ensure that everyone understands the status and direction of the project.

Project Management
Marketing Managment

Marketing Management

Marketing management focuses on practical and efficient execution, tracking and reporting of all marketing activities as well as the management of your marketing systems, content, data and budget.


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